Welcome to rilkebean

Welcome to a memoirish blog called rilkebean.

All writings are copyrighted under Amber L. West.  All reminiscences in this pixely memoir are intended to be as accurate as possible…no guarantees.  And more on that under the next tab.

Why rilkebean?  Because it’s a beloved’s name – or nickname – and nevermind it’s my cat, he was named after a German romantic poet in love with God named Rilke.  He’s seriously that deep of a soul that when I saved his feline formerly feral butt from kitty compound (the shelter), no less of a name suited him.  So Rilke it was.  I add bean to a lot of names, as a term of endearment.  Plus, his neck fur smells like cookies.  Not sure how that relates to beans, but rilkecookies is too much.

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